Making Sense of Your Senses
144 pages
ISBN: 9781572248366


Making Sense of Your Senses: A Workbook for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder

$24.95, Paperback
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Christopher R Auer, Michelle M Auer

Children with sensory processing disorder (SPD) react strongly to certain sounds, textures, or other sensations, or appear unusually numb to sensory stimulation. They may panic and throw tantrums when they feel overwhelmed by stimuli, or seek out intense sensory experiences. Many have difficulty with motor skills. These symptoms almost always lead to social and behavioural problems, but children with SPD can learn to overcome many of these symptoms and balance their senses.

Making Sense of Your Senses is a workbook designed to help kids with SPD reintegrate their senses and develop awareness and understanding of their SPD. While these activities can stand alone, as each focuses on a specific skill, all of them help children develop strategies to counter the tests of daily life, including morning routines, mealtimes, and classroom functioning. Many activities also involve physical activity, as becoming physically adept helps kids with SPD keep from becoming overwhelmed.

This workbook for kids with sensory processing disorder (SPD), a condition characterised by difficulty with sensory integration, includes activities designed to help parents teach children skills they can use in everyday life to overcome their symptoms and build self-awareness.