How do I...Make Friends?
77 pages
Age Range: 11+
ISBN: 9780863887772


How do I...Make Friends?: A friendship skills discussion game

$56.95, Game
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Alison Roberts, Amy Roberts

Many young people find making or keeping friends, or even understanding the purpose of having a friend a real struggle.

Difficulties may arise in getting a friendship started, breaking into a popular group, or thinking of the most likely places to find people with similar interests. Help is needed to understand friendship, the advantages of having a friend and the responsibilities that go with that friendship. This card game offers assistance in the form of discussion and reflection, practice in saying the right words and a forum in which to consider friendship skills.

The pack contains 77 cards, each posing a question, a point for discussion, or offering a suggestion for a brief role-play, which will promote reflection, and discussion in a light-hearted way. Players obtain valuable life skills and the confidence to acquire friends.