Teaching Advanced Learners in the General Education Classroom
200 pages
ISBN: 9781412975452


Teaching Advanced Learners in the General Education Classroom: Doing More With Less!

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Joan Franklin Smutny, S E von Fremd

This book is for teachers who would like to challenge and engage high ability or gifted students but do not know just what to do. They might worry about time constraints or perceive themselves as lacking information on gifted education, or they might have lost funding that, in the past, provided helpful resources for teachers.

The book's goal is to provide strategies, all proven effective, that readers can adapt to any students who are ready for more challenge. In many cases, particularly those that involve creative processes, these strategies have the added benefit of extending to all students, not just those who tend to learn quickly or easily.

  • The first three chapters look at the immediate circumstances of classroom teachers-both the challenges they face and the resources and possibilities at their fingertips.
  • Chapters four and five delineate the progression from simpler to more complex adjustments for advanced learners.
  • Chapters six and seven present specific strategies for language arts, math, science, and social studies.
  • The book concludes with ways teachers can continue to be inspired.