Can't you see I'm Sensational?

ISBN: 9314994235333

Can't you see I'm Sensational?: Understanding the way children learn, behave and play

$75.00, Spiral Bound
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Kate Pascale

We know that parents, teachers, pre-school and child-care staff and health professionals each bring a unique and valuable set of skills to a child and his or her family. It can be frustrating and tiring to work with children who are fidgety, easily distracted, messy, clumsy and disruptive to others. Understanding where to go, who to ask, and how to access further advice or support is often complex for professionals and families alike.

This resource is designed for teachers, parents and early childhood workers to support you in your role, encourage you to think differently about children’s behaviour, and give you another set of tools for your professional toolbox. It contains practical activity ideas and strategies, easy-to-understand definitions of sensory processing and checklists to help identify children who may have sensory processing difficulties. Can’t You See I’m Sensational? will be a useful tool to help you reach and support children and develop new ideas about different ways in which children learn and behave.

Rely on this resource to help you to:

  • understand sensory processing
  • recognise Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
  • understand how SPD may interfere with a child's physical, social and emotional development
  • look at children's behaviours in a new way and understand why each child behaves and learns differently
  • structure a calm and organised environment
  • develop strategies to help manage challenging behaviours
  • collaborate with parents, occupational therapists and other professionals about children's sensory development