Junior Stories 2

Age Range: 7 to 10
ISBN: 9780987655110

Junior Stories 2: Reading Age 7-10 years, Narrative Text for Guided Silent Reading Lessons

$46.50, Softcover
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Hilton Ayrey NZ author

Read about a young girl's first ride on a horse, a boy who tries to hide his new pet rat from his mother and his teacher, two boys who have a go at making their own Iron Man with disastrous results, a girl who is desperate to convince her mother she is too sick to go to school and much more...there is something here for every one of your readers. Get them digging into the text using the comprehension strategies outlined in our video tutorials.

Use the follow-up activities to broaden your students understanding about how narrative text works and deepen their thinking about important issues raised.

Activities include setting maps (understanding), posters, poems, and raps (applying), story webs (analysing), design briefs (creating), and story evaluation (evaluating).