Coping With Crisis

ISBN: 9781570352690

Coping With Crisis: A Quick Reference (K-12)

$32.95, Softcover
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Scott Poland, Jami S McCormick

Violence in our schools has left many educators at a loss for how to respond. In this resource, real-life case studies from two school shootings illustrate the actions to take during crisis situations including shootings, fights, bomb threats, suicides, accidental deaths, gang-related violence, and other tragedies.

From the first moments following a crisis to the aftermath, this handbook's easy-to-use checklists detail what you need to know, what you need to do, and who should do it. Whether or not your school already has a crisis response plan in place, this reference helps guarantee that everyone will be on the same page, from the first moments following a disaster to coping with the aftermath weeks or months later.

Your crisis-response team members will all want their own copies of this handbook that will prove invaluable on the scene, when response time is crucial and your team's quick reactions may save precious lives.