Nurturing the Gifted Female
144 pages
ISBN: 9781412961370

Nurturing the Gifted Female: A Guide for Educators and Parents

$51.99, Softcover
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Joy L Navan

Research shows that gifted girls, in general, are under-served and their talents under-identified. This insightful resource helps educators discover and strengthen gifted female students' potential and promote their healthy intellectual, psychological, and emotional growth. Each chapter examines a different aspect of female development, provides a reflective exercise for applying the material to professional practice, and presents helpful strategies for teachers, counsellors, and parents. The book covers:

  • Psychological and emotional characteristics of giftedness

Cognitive, behavioural, and environmental factors affecting gifted girls' development

  • Issues of resilience, self-efficacy, self-agency, and personal ethics
  • The importance of supportive teacher interventions and parent advocacy

This vital guide also includes appendices of mentoring programs, curriculum enhancers, Web resources, and research on the importance of fostering female gifted education, giving voice to gifted females and their unique developmental needs.