Jeepers Peepers

Age Range: 4 to 11
ISBN: 9781586509835


Jeepers Peepers: The Ask and Answer Question Game

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Sharon G Webber

Am I a monkey? A hamburger? An astronaut? How many questions will it take to find out?

That’s the question on everyone’s minds—or glasses—in Jeepers Peepers, The Ask and Answer Question Game that builds questioning skills, describing skills, categorising skills, problem solving skills, and more! Have one student put on the glasses. Place a photo card in the Peepers slot without showing it to the student. Have the student face the other players and ask yes/no questions to find out what he/she is! Then, have everyone play!

Jeepers Peepers includes:

  • 6 pairs of Jeepers Peepers glasses
  • "My Cue Cards"
  • 101 photo cards (4" x 5") in five categories: Animals, Food, People, Things and Transportation.
  • Spinner and bingo chips
  • Instruction booklet


Jeepers Peepers
The Ask and Answer Question Game
Jeepers Peepers Add On Cards
The “Ask and Answer®” Question Game
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