Behavior Support, 3ed
224 pages
ISBN: 9781598578867

Behavior Support, 3ed

$65.00, Paperback
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Linda M Bambara, Rachel Janney, Martha Snell

The revised and expanded edition of a popular book trusted in classrooms across the country, Behavior Support is your guide to implementing effective positive behaviour support (PBS)—both in the classroom and across an entire school. You’ll get explicit, research-based strategies for implementing the three tiers of PBS:

  1. universal, school-wide interventions;
  2. selected interventions with students exhibiting risk behaviours; and
  3. specialised interventions with students who need intensive, individualised help.

Packed with updated strategies on hot topics, redesigned forms, and the newest research on multitiered systems of support, this new edition will help you support positive changes in your students’ behaviour—so you can keep the focus on learning. (Ideal for both in-service teacher training and college and university courses!)

Research Based Strategies for Helping Students:

  • Stop challenging behaviour before it starts
  • Improve communication, social, and self-control skills
  • Form positive, respectful relationships with classmates, teachers, and other community members
  • Take a more active part in their school, classroom, and community

New in this 3rd Edition:

  • More research and strategies on key topics, including bullying prevention, safe and responsive school climates, functional assessment, and individual student interventions.
  • more explicit step-by-step instructions, new case examples, tips on sustaining PBS in your school
  • redesigned forms that are practical and easy to use
  • focusing questions for each chapter that highlight key takeaways.

This revised and expanded edition is your guide to implementing effective positive behaviour support. Includes more on bullying prevention, safe and responsive school climates, and functional behaviour analysis.