Reading Across the Curriculum 2 - Reptiles

Age Range: 7 to 14
ISBN: 9789582542733

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Reading Across the Curriculum 2 - Reptiles: Non fiction text for Guided Silent Reading Lessons

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Hilton Ayrey NZ author

Students are fascinated by reptiles, from ferocious komodo dragons and venomous snakes, to weird looking chameleons and cute turtles. RAC2: Reptiles has something for all ages and all reading abilities. Use this wide range of reading material as a motivating context for teaching comprehension strategies.

Use the information reports and follow-up activities as a starting point for an inquiry into the living world. As students gain control over information about reptiles, get an understanding of how information reports work, learn how to gather information that they own (Step 3 of the Three Steps), they can be scaffolded into conducting their own inquiry about a reptile of their choice.

Follow-up activities include poetry, comic strips, Information Webs, Predator and Extinction Analysis, Designing Reptile Upgrades, Extinction Action Plans.