Lost In A Mind Field

ISBN: 9780958560474

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Lost In A Mind Field

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Neil Phillips Australian author

Psychosis is one of the most frightening things that mental illness can cause. It hits you right where you live and it profoundly disturbs relationships and makes coping with life difficult. Many illnesses can cause psychosis and other illnesses can cause changes in the way the brain works that can easily be mistaken for psychosis.

"Lost in a Mind Field" sets out to deal with the very complicated and confusing topic of psychosis in such a way that it becomes easier to understand. This helps people suffering from psychosis and their families. The book has over ninety cartoons and will bring you up to date on some of the very interesting research now being done on schizophrenia and other psychoses.

As with all the other Shrink-Rap books, this book is written in a clear conversational way and almost every point is illustrated with a drawing or cartoon. The use of cartoons allows an easy understanding of emotional issues that doesn't rely on elaborate verbal description. Cartoons also allow people with mental illness and their families to step back a little from their suffering and see that strange experiences can be explained, understood and constructively dealt with.

The book goes into considerable detail about the experiences that occur with schizophrenia or other psychoses but it also provides a careful discussion of how psychoses work so that strange things become more understandable. Many technical terms that usually bamboozle anyone not in the mental health professions are defined and explained.

You will enjoy this book.