Assessment and Intervention Materials (AIM)
141 pages
ISBN: 9781575031477

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Assessment and Intervention Materials (AIM): Basic Language and Social Skills

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Here is a collection of practical assessment and intervention tools that you will use on a daily basis in language development programs for students with autism, developmental disabilities, or augmentative communication needs. This resource can also be used with adults who have word-retrieval difficulties.

The kit includes a variety of observational assessment forms and checklists that focus on basic skills such as expressing needs, requesting assistance, focusing attention, responding to yes-no questions and taking turns. You can use these forms to identify small changes that occur in performance over time.

The kit also includes reproducible picture symbols, sign language symbols, vocabulary lists, communication boards, social interaction stories, and instructional activity suggestions for teaching basic language and social skills. The social interaction picture stories help students learn to recognise appropriate social behaviours.

All reproducible pages from the book are included on the accompanying CD. The CD also includes full-colour versions of picture symbols and communication boards. Full-page displays of each picture symbol are also included on the CD. You can display these pages on your computer when teaching basic vocabulary to students.