Strategies At Hand
103 pages
ISBN: 9781934575642

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Strategies At Hand: Quick and Handy Positive Behavior Support Strategies

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Tracy Mueller, Robin Brewer

Building upon the success of their bestselling Strategies at Hand: Quick and Handy Strategies for Working with Students on the Autism Spectrum, Mueller and Brewer tackle the critical issue of behaviour in this practical resource for parents, teachers and other professionals.

Using the same handy flip book format that made their earlier resource such a welcome tool, Strategies at Hand: Quick Positive Behavior Support Strategies contains a wide range of behavioural supports divided into Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Interventions, in keeping with the Response to Intervention (RTI) continuum, and can be easily used by moving from the universal to targeted and finally intensive level of support based on the student's need.

In addition to practical suggestions for each level, Strategies at Hand provides a quick overview of how to conduct a functional behavioural assessment, collect data and much more, all in colour-coded sections that make it ideal for quickly solving problems on the spot.

For ease of use, the various sections of this handy reference are divided by colours and intensity of needs:

  • Green - Universal or primary behaviour support for ALL students
  • Yellow - Targeted classroom and group behaviour support for some students who are at risk for behaviour problems
  • Red (Pink) - Intensive individualised behaviour support for students with chronic challenging behaviours
  • Orange - In-depth explanations of terms/strategies listed in one of the first three sections
  • Blue - Resources, including articles, books, movies, and online modules.

With this flip-book at their fingertips, teachers will never again have to search for effective behaviour management strategies.