Grief, Illness and Other Issues

ISBN: 9781863976114

Grief, Illness and Other Issues

$32.95, Softcover
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Jane Bourke Australian author

This book deals with the sensitive issues of coping with grief and loss, serious illness, permanent injury and physical disability.

This book is an ideal resource for teachers who may have a terminally ill child in their class, or have a student/students with siblings suffering a terminal illness. Other sections deal with emotions and outcomes as a result of having experienced a serious accident resulting in permanent physical disability. Activities and extension ideas endeavour to highlight how life can continue on after such events by analysing personal and physical strengths. Stories of inspiration have been included as well as stories that describe situations of loss and disability within families.

The book also provides opportunities for students to devise ways to help people who have suffered a loss or injury, through exploring the work of charity organisations.

Each book in this series contains extensive background notes for teachers, parents and students. Many sections contain annotated resource lists for multimedia, literature and general classroom resources. Extension ideas are given where possible and all activities are linked to student outcomes.