Speech and Language Checklists Plus

Speech and Language Checklists Plus

$58.95, Kit
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Speech and Language Checklists PLUS includes 30 copies of Charting Children's Language Development (CCLD) plus a CD with additional checklists and assessment record forms that you can print out for distribution to parents and teachers.

Charting Children's Language Development is a four-page developmental speech and language checklist that lists skills by developmental age from birth to age five. The information is useful to parents and teachers in determining whether or not the child should be referred for a speech and language evaluation.

The CD includes:

  • Informational reproducible assessment record forms for pragmatic language skills, grammar, stuttering, and nonverbal communication
  • Informational handouts about the development of language and fluency skills that you can give to parents.
  • Each of the four assessment forms includes space for recording comments.
  • The form for stuttering, for example, is used to record types of disfluencies observed and to record observations in specific situations (e.g., talking on the telephone).
  • The form for nonverbal communication is used to record information about the student's use of gestures, sign language, or augmentative communication aids (communication boards or AAC devices).

Product Components:

  • Charting Children's Language Development (30 copies) and
  • the CD with reproducible handouts and forms.