Bipolar II Disorder, 2nd Edition
300 pages
ISBN: 9781107600898


Bipolar II Disorder, 2nd Edition: Modelling, Measuring and Managing

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Gordon Parker Australian author

The lifetime risk of developing bipolar II disorder is 5-7%, yet the condition is often poorly detected. Mood elevation states are less extreme than in bipolar I disorder although the depressive episodes are usually severe. When correctly treated, the outcome is positive, but bipolar II is often poorly managed, resulting in a high suicide rate.

This is the only academic and clinical management review focusing entirely on bipolar II, scrutinising history, epidemiology, burden and neurobiology and including an extensive clinical debate by international experts about effective management strategies. New chapters cover comorbidity, over-represented personality styles, illness 'trajectories' and distinguishing bipolar II from personality-based emotional dysregulation states. Evidence for different clinical management options is reviewed in detail, two clinical management models are presented and then debated. This book is essential reading for all health professionals managing mood disorders and informative to patients seeking information about their condition and treatment options.