Jessica's Box
32 pages
ISBN: 9781921928574

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Jessica's Box: CPA Edition

$29.99, Hardback
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Peter Carnavas Australian author

Jessica’s Box is an award winning picture book first published in 2008.

The story centres on the trepidation that a young girl faces when starting school and her efforts to win friends. She tries bringing different offerings to school in her large brown box. Her journey ends when she finally discovers her own magnificent self-worth.

This universally appealing message has been embraced by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance (erstwhile The Spastic Centre), who have re-commissioned an edition with Jessica in a wheelchair. The text remains identical, but the illustrations have been redrawn to show Jessica in a wheelchair.

No mention is made in the story about her disability. Jessica’s Box is a beautifully told tale infused with acceptance and friendship - highly recommended for schools, especially those embracing integration.