Embracing Play DVD
47 pages
ISBN: 9780972708012

Embracing Play DVD: Teaching Your Child with Autism

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Hilary Baldi, Deanne Detmers

Teaches parents how to keep a child with autism engaged through what comes naturally to most children: play. Playing is the doorway for a parent and young child with autism to connect and communicate. For a child with autism, interactions with people and objects such as toys can be very difficult or atypical. This video is an ideal tool for parents of newly diagnosed children waiting to begin a formal program such as ABA or for parents and therapists who want to supplement an ongoing course of therapy.

Embracing Play shows dozens of play sessions between parent or professional and child. Using a technique called "Object Focused Play," developed by the Behavioural Intervention Association, the video teaches parents how to use toys to capture a child's attention and initiate learning. Very easy-to-follow, these scenes allow parents to replicate the same play activities at home, and begin to help their child interact with people and objects in their surrounding environment.

Embracing Play opens up new avenues of interaction and learning for children with autism. The benefits of these play skills pave the way for communication and social development.