Creating an Inclusive School, 2nd Edition
219 pages
ISBN: 9781416600497

Creating an Inclusive School, 2nd Edition

$38.95, Paperback
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Richard A Villa, Jacqueline S Thousand

As the percentage of students with disabilities continues to increase, you can make sure your school provides the least restrictive environment for these students by using this updated guide to inclusion.

Experts on inclusion share their wisdom and daily practices, including classroom and schoolwide strategies for providing the best educational opportunities for all students. Learn the impact of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation on special needs students, and explore promising curricular and instructional practices that foster inclusive education, including cooperative learning, teaming, multiage grouping, multicultural education, social skills training, and technology applications.

Personal stories about special needs students, and the parents and educators who work with them, vividly portray the challenges and benefits that come with an inclusive approach to schooling.