The Gifted Kids Survival Guide
128 pages
Age Range: 4 to 10
ISBN: 9781575423227

The Gifted Kids Survival Guide: For Ages 10 and Under

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Judy Galbraith

First published in 1984, this book has helped countless gifted children in the elementary grades realize they’re not alone, they’re not “weird,” and being smart is a bonus, not a burden. A classic introduction to growing up gifted, the Guide has now been revised and updated for today’s bright, creative, talented kids. Based on new surveys of hundreds of gifted kids, it speaks directly to them. It includes first-person advice from boys and girls that’s pertinent, realistic, and inspiring.

It answers readers’ questions about why they think and learn the way they do, what “giftedness” and IQ really mean, different types of intelligence, how to handle high expectations, how to make school more challenging, how to cope with teasing, how to make friends, and much more.

Upbeat, informative, friendly, and compact, The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide has long been a must for young gifted children.