The Classroom Teacher's Inclusion Handbook, 2ed
215 pages
ISBN: 9780966594751

The Classroom Teacher's Inclusion Handbook, 2ed: Practical Methods for Integrating Students with Special Needs

$29.95, Paperback
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Jerome C Yanoff

Now that students with special needs are being included in the regular classroom do you know what to do when:

  • a student with a learning disability gives up in frustration?
  • a student with a low I.Q. cannot keep up with classwork?
  • a student with epilepsy has a seizure?
  • a student with an emotional problem threatens violence?
  • a student with autism has an outburst?
  • a student with a severe stutter is afraid to speak in class?

Author Jerome C.Yanoff explains the unique needs of each kind of student with special needs and offers suggestions for helping them.