Targeting Writing across the Curriculum

Age Range: 10 to 12
ISBN: 9781865097527

Targeting Writing across the Curriculum: Upper Primary

$44.95, Softcover
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Merryn Whitfield Australian author

Enhance writing skills in Science and Society and Environment!

  • chieves English Outcomes with materials from other Key Learning Areas
  • ptimises teaching time by using integrated activities

Targeting Writing Across the Curriculum Lower Primary enhances students’ writing abilities across all Learning Areas through cross-curriculum teaching units that address National Outcomes. This series helps increase learning potential by giving students the opportunity to achieve outcomes in English while working with the subject matter and skills of other important curriculum areas. Popular themes in Science and SOSE are linked to a writing unit focusing on two appropriate text types, allowing students to transfer their knowledge and skills from curriculum area to curriculum area. The units contain a wide range of stimulating and challenging activities that can stand alone or be expanded into a fully-integrated unit. Students will improve the structure and quality of their writing in all factual text types.