Knowing What To Say!

Age Range: 10 to 17
ISBN: 9781930951365

Knowing What To Say!: Language Activities to Promote Effective Social Interaction

$64.95, Spiral Bound
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Larry J Mattes, Cynthia R Flowers

Knowing what to say and when to say it is difficult for many students. What should one say if a good friend is engaging in socially undesirable behaviour? How should one go about expressing disagreement with a parent or teacher? What should one say if incorrectly accused of not telling the truth?

The pragmatic language activities in this book are designed to help students use language more effectively when faced with difficult situations. Issues relating to the feelings of individuals with disabilities are presented in some of the activities to increase students? sensitivity to the needs of these individuals. The activities are perfect for stimulating group discussions.

Each of the 72 short stories in the second edition of this book is presented on a reproducible worksheet. Students can write out their solutions to the problems presented or they can respond orally after listening to the stories.