Interactive Play for Children with Autism
224 pages
ISBN: 9780415333269


Interactive Play for Children with Autism

$71.99, Paperback
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Diana Seach

This is a comprehensive guide to establishing shared play experiences that assist in the development of communication, social understanding and cognition. Easily accessible, and packed full of practical resources, the book defines the importance of play both developmentally and psychologically as having a major influence on the enrichment of meaningful interactions and children’s learning.

Diana Seach expertly discusses how play enables children with autism to:

  • represent their knowledge of the world and their relationships with others
  • spontaneously explore ways of thinking about themselves and the objects they encounter
  • develop communication and companionship
  • discover motivating ways to learn
  • extend their imagination and creative potential.

Those who live and work with children who have autism and Asperger syndrome will find this an invaluable tool when implementing strategies to develop interactive play in educational establishments, care settings and the family home.