Education for Inclusion and Diversity, 4e
422 pages
ISBN: 9781442540262


Education for Inclusion and Diversity, 4e

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Adrian Ashman, John Elkins Australian author

For special education courses in schools of early childhood, primary and secondary education.

Education Children for Inclusion and Diversity 4e continues to build on the concept of inclusive curriculum and the diversity of learning needs.

This market leading, Australian text gives students a broad understanding of the principles of inclusive education, and the ways in which teachers can accommodate the differing learning needs of their students. It has been written with the particular aim of teaching students how to apply the ideas that have been presented in each chapter.

Key features:

  • Practical Activities at the end of each chapter are grouped according to five learning processes: Library, Group, Observation/interview, Creation of resource kit/pack, Teaching strategy or the curriculum
  • Each chapter starts with a ‘What to look for in this chapter’ topic orientation, which guides students through the areas that will be covered in the chapter.
  • Suggested Reading and Resources at the end of each chapter allow students to continue their learning by assisting them with areas for further research and study.

New to this edition:

  • Expanded coverage on the “how-to”. The area of Curriculum, Adjustments and Adaptations (previously Chapter 7 in 2e) has now been expanded into 2 chapters, “Chapter 7: Curriculum adaptations” and “Chapter 8: Inclusive teaching practices”.
  • Added! A real, fully-developed lesson plan in every chapter which students can literally take into the classroom.
  • New ‘Facts about’ feature has been added to the end of each chapter to help students develop a better understanding of more common complications that children and adolescents face. These sections detail basic information about topics such as vision impairment, gifted and talented students, Autism, and issues relating to Indigenous students, among others. This feature offers a quick reference to the facts, and provides some useful tips for assisting students who display these characteristics.
  • New! An abundance of sensible teaching tips and strategies, as well as lesson plans and ideas that students might use as models when they have their own early childhood, primary, middle school, or secondary students eagerly awaiting their classroom contributions.
  • Australian Video Interviews with real teachers talking about their experiences in the classrom! MyEducationLab, an online learning resource containing videos and much more, has been developed to complement the text and to further enhance a students learning experience. Other exciting features to assist students as they study include self-study quizzes, web links to further reading, an online glossary, and the full eText.
  • New Contributors! Shiralee Poed, Griffith University and David Evans, University of Sydney.