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Grattan report highlights Australia's reading problem

Wednesday 14th February 2024

The Grattan Institute's The Reading Guarantee report has attracted a lot of media attention, particularly with its statement that a third of Australian children can't read properly. This stark reality has propelled Australia's reading problem into the national spotlight and created a new opportunity for real progress.

Whilst it is not new news to many of us, the Grattan Institute commands a level of respect and media attention that means our politicians and educational leaders will find it hard to ignore the strong messages the report sends about Australia's reading problem and what needs to be done.

The momentum for change has been building in recent times and this report provides a great opportunity for a step change in efforts to change how we teach reading in schools. It also offers a fresh dose of encouragement for all those who have been working tirelessly over the last few years to bring attention to the problem and to champion an evidence based approach to teaching reading.

Our role at Silvereye is to provide some of the best available resources to support these efforts - providing teachers with evidence based resources to help them teach reading and providing kids who are struggling with books that they will pick-up and enjoy reading. We are continually building this range and always welcome suggestions from our community - so please let us know what you like and anything valuable which you think we are missing.

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