Covid Lockdowns

Sunday 1st August 2021

Our warehouse is in Sydney which is currently in lockdown. We are continuing to operate in line with current restrictions with limited staffing on-site to receive deliveries and dispatch orders, whilst the rest of our team works from home.

The lockdown is now leading to some longer delays with restocking, particularly with items sourced from overseas. Flights into Sydney have been further reduced during lockdown which is causing significant delays to stock coming in from the USA as Sydney is the primary entry point. The acute airfreight capacity shortfall means that priority is being given to urgent medical supplies and perishable goods, meaning that our freight is being delayed, often by weeks.

To mitigate these delays we are bringing stock in by sea freight where we can but this is also subject to many delays with big volume increases causing long wait times in the USA and UK, plus slow unload times in Australia.

In the face of all these issues we are doing our absolute best to keep things moving and to keep a smile on our faces when customers complain of delays in getting their orders. We understand the frustration because we are living it every day!

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