Conferences Cancelled

Monday 1st June 2020

The COVID-19 social distancing restrictions have led to the cancellation of almost all 2020 conferences, so we are unlikely to see most of you face to face this year. We have a handful of tentative bookings for September, October & November but these will likely only be small scale events.

As things escalated during March, there was a progressive realisation from event organisers that they were going to have to reschedule or cancel their conferences and seminars. At this point, every event which we had planned to attend up until the end of August has been cancelled. Organisers for some events in the latter part of the year are still planning to go ahead but we are working on the assumption that any events that do go ahead from September/October will be small scale. Almost all of the larger events have already cancelled or rescheduled to 2021.

Once social distancing restrictions are relaxed, hopefully later this year, we will re-assess opportunities to get out and see people. In the meantime we encourage you to browse our website and call or email us with your questions. We have a good knowledge of what resources are available and often surprise people with the extent and quality of information we can provide.

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