COVID-19 - We remain open

Friday 3rd April 2020

COVID-19 - We remain open
We remain open for business and are confident that we will be able to continue operating throughout current and future lockdowns and restrictions. We have upgraded cleaning and hygiene practices and are working hard with our publisher and freight partners to mitigate delays.

Order Fulfillment

The implementation of current federal and state measures surrounding COVID-19 does not prevent us from conducting our usual business activities. Restrictions may lead to delays but they are unlikely to stop us processing and delivering your orders. Over the last few weeks we have been experiencing delays with stock from our international suppliers and delays may become more apparent with local suppliers over the coming weeks. At the moment most of our publishing and distribution partners are still operating but there are some enforced temporary closures whilst others have reduced staffing or limited dispatch operations which are causing delays. There have also been significant delays to international freight due to reduced capacity and this is now flowing through to increased freight costs. We are doing what we can to maintain stock levels and to minimise the impact to our customers where there are delays. UPDATE - 9th April. Due to massive increases in airfreight costs we have today been advised by several local distributors and publishers sourcing from the UK that they are halting airfreight and will only use seafreight until further notice - this means a 3 month turnaround for UK published items not locally stocked. UPDATE - 7th May. The prolonged impact of US & UK closures and the huge airfreight cost increases and delays have taken their toll on our stocks - whilst we still have lots of stock it is taking an uncomfortably long time to re-stock when items run low and the unpredictability of things is making it hard for us to always meet our normal delivery timeframes for your orders. Local delivery appears to be improving but there are still also some delays in the local courier and Australia Post networks.

Hygiene and Virus Transmission

All the information from trusted/reliable sources tells us that transmission of the COVID-19 virus via parcels is extremely unlikely - this Washington Post article provides a good explanation. Despite the extremely low risk, we are adhering to the precautionary principle and have implemented the following protocols: • social distancing guidelines are being followed within our office • our team are washing hands thoroughly before handling resources and packing customer orders • all of our delivery partners have implemented additional protocols to minimise or eliminate contact during parcel delivery, eg. signatures are not now required and instead you will be asked for your name and the delivery driver will "sign" for you • surfaces in our office are thoroughly cleaned, at least daily • staff displaying any potential symptoms will be self-isolating and working from home We will continue to closely monitor the situation and implement any additional measures as required to ensure business continuity and transmission risk minimisation.

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