Delivery delays due to Coronavirus

Wednesday 12th February 2020

Delivery delays due to Coronavirus

We are continuing to work as normal despite the Coronavirus which has led to some delays on imports of new stock from our international publishers due to reduced airfreight capacity.

Our freight partners are currently facing major delays, particularly on US routes, due to the Coronavirus. Fedex and DHL have been cancelling flights due to the situation and this has meant that other freight carriers are now beyond capacity covering the extra cargo.

There has also been an unrelated but major disruption with local freight due to a software virus attack on Toll (one of the major local freight carriers) which led to them shutting down their systems. This meant that one of the major local freight carriers was effectively out of action for a month, but they have recently resumed normal services.

The current COVID-19 situation in the USA and Europe means that further disruptions are quite likely and delivery timeframes are unpredictable.

We are monitoring the situation closely and taking what steps we can to limit the impact of these delays on our customers. Unlike many online retailers, we hold a lot of stock locally but we are now experiencing delays on restocking and special orders so unfortunately it may take longer than normal to deliver some customer orders.

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