Reknowned autism expert coming to Australia

Wednesday 6th December 2017

Reknowned autism expert coming to Australia

Happiness, Neuroharmony and the Predictive Mind

Reknowned autism expert Dr Peter Vermeulen, PhD is coming to Australia in February 2018, offering a new perspective and providing techniques and strategies for effectively supporting people on the autism spectrum. The full day conference on 26th February at the South Australian Jockey Club will be built around two major themes:

  • Autism and Happiness: from Neurodiversity to Neuroharmony
  • The Predictive Mind and Autism as Context Blindness

Dr Peter Vermeulen is one of the most engaging, vibrant, innovative but practical international experts, recognised for his significant contribution to the autism field. Peter's insightful concept of context blindness has changed the way we view and support those with autism. He is based in Belgium but presents fluently in English and has worked widely in the USA, Canada, South Africa and all over Europe.

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