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Ending the Reading Wars
Monday 18th June 2018

Research has told us much about how children learn to read & how to teach them, but educational policy & practice is lagging our knowledge. A recently published article explain what we know & what to do.
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Reading & Comprehension Difficulties
Friday 8th June 2018

Oxford University's Dr Kate Nation will explain the latest research, discuss evidence-based interventions for children with poor reading comprehension and consider implications for the classroom.
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Learning Difference Convention 2018
Thursday 3rd May 2018

The Learning Difference Convention is on in Sydney and Melbourne at the end of May. This is one of the biggest events of the year for ideas to help kids with learning difficulties, so come along if you can.
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Dyscalculia Workshop - Helping Students Develop Mathematical Understandings - Dr Judi Humbestone
Monday 23rd April 2018

LDA are running a workshop with Dr Judi Humberstone, a leading expert who will explain how primary age children actually learn maths
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