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growing together across the autism spectrum

Growing Together Across the Autism Spectrum

$29.95, Softcover

Illustrated children’s book provides a conversational starting point for families with a parent on the autism spectrum.

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teenagers with add, adhd & executive function deficits

Teenagers with ADD, ADHD & Executive Function Deficits

$51.50 Our Price - $46.95, Softcover

Looks at key areas that make adolescence; an already challenging time of life; potentially more difficult for kids with ADD or ADHD.

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social communication disorder intervention manual

Social Communication Disorder Intervention Manual

$110.50 Our Price - $99.95, Softcover

Goals, objectives & interventions based on the DSM-5 definition of social (pragmatic) communication disorder

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flipp the switch

FLIPP the Switch

$51.50 Our Price - $47.95, Softcover

Minimise conflict, maximise on-task behaviour, and support positive social-emotional development in students with challenging behaviour.

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