DOT WH? Questions
225 pages
Age Range: 5+

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DOT WH? Questions: with paint markers

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Rachele Ellsworth

Dot your way to answering and asking better wh-questions with DOT WH? Questions. This reproducible workbook walks students through answering basic wh-questions and progresses to answering more complex auditory comprehension questions from paragraphs.

Additionally, Dot WH? Questions targets teaching children how to ask questions. It develops receptive and expressive language skills in a fun and engaging way.

Dot WH? Questions covers:

  • What (answering & asking)
  • Who (answering & asking)
  • Where (answering & asking)
  • When (answering & asking)
  • Why (answering & asking)
  • What (answering & asking)

Each question topic in split answering sections:

  • Basic
  • Sentences
  • Paragraph
  • Inferential

Dot WH? Questions is chocked full of activities to motivate students to enjoy and learn how to answer a range of questions.

Paint markers/Ink daubers included, and also sold separately, if extras required.