Book Of Activities and Games For Expressive Language

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Larry Mattes

Book Of Activities and Games For Expressive Language

Age Range: 5 to 10
ISBN: 9781575030838

Here is a collection of games and thinking activities that can be used to strengthen language comprehension and production. Skills emphasized include using present and past tense verbs, asking and answering questions, using prepositions, using descriptive words, describing events, telling stories, defining words, giving verbal explanations, comparing and contrasting, solving problems, and more.

Sample Activities

Part 1 - Exercises for Vocabulary and Sentence Production

  • Verb Repair
  • Think Up a Verb
  • Verb Absurdities
  • On, In, Under, or Behind?
  • Preposition Absurdities
  • Pick a Pronoun
  • Describe and Ask
  • What was the Question?
  • Combine the Sentences
  • Build a Sentence
  • Synonym Substitutions
  • Word Definition Challenge
  • Defining Words in Sentences
  • Say It Another Way
  • Defining Homonyms Used in Sentences
  • Words and Their Opposites
  • Opposite Sentences

Part 2 - Describe and Compare

  • Describe it TIC-TAC-TOE
  • Describing Picture Locations
  • Describe and Guess
  • Look, Describe, and Compare
  • Noun Comparison Challenge
  • Think and Compare

Part 3 - Expressive Language Use

  • Describing Personal Experiences
  • Explain How
  • Explaining Choices
  • Evaluating Statements and Actions
  • What Do You Think?
  • Expressing and Supporting Opinions
  • Using the Imagination
  • Convincing Others
  • Finish the Story

Help student to communicate and to be successful in meeting classroom academic standards with the high-interest activities in this book!