Friendship Skills

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101 activities to help children get on together
101 Activities to Help Children Get on Together
$34.95, Paperback

This extensive collection of activities will help teachers to develop a classroom that is a pleasant place to work, where relationships are valued and in which every child matters and is appreciated.

acceptance and commitment therapy for interpersonal problems
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Interpersonal Problems
$66.95, Paperback

A complete treatment protocol for therapists working with clients who repeatedly fall into unhealthy patterns in their relationships.

active literacy kit
Active Literacy Kit
$249.95, Cards

Developed by Dyslexia Action to build reading & spelling skills in children 7+ years with literacy difficulties, whether dyslexic or not

destination friendship
Destination Friendship
$54.95, Softcover

Provides easy-to-use, research-based strategies and activities that support the development of friendship skills in children with ASD.

friendly facts
Friendly Facts
$60.95, Softcover

Through fun, engaging activities, children gain real-life knowledge of the major "secrets" of making and keeping friends with this interactive workbook aimed at children ages 7-11.

friends learn about tobin
Friends Learn about Tobin
$25.95 Our Price - $24.95 Hardback

In the follow-up to the popular Tobin Learns to Make Friends, Tobin's friends try to understand where he is coming from. The charming trains learn that a little extra kindness can put them all on the same "track."

the friendship formula
The Friendship Formula
$59.95, Softcover

From the bestselling author of Socially Speaking, this unique programme is designed to help children in upper primary/lower secondary school, develop their communication and relationship skills.

friendship formula game
Friendship Formula Game
$84.95 Our Price - $79.95 Game

Encourages effective social interactions as well as improving self-awareness, problem solving, perspective taking & friendship skills

friendship in a jar
Friendship in a Jar
$17.95, Jar

These cards' provide good advice relating to friendship & what it takes to be a good friend.

friendship is like a seesaw
Friendship is Like a Seesaw
$14.99, Hardback

Explores the ups and downs that occur in friendships, or indeed, in many other kinds of relationships.

the friendship puzzle
The Friendship Puzzle
$26.95, Hardback

This book is lively, upbeat and sends an encouraging message about the importance of friendship and inclusion. The activity guide makes the book especially useful for educators and parents.

friendship skills discussion cards
Friendship Skills Discussion Cards
$77.95 Our Price - $64.95 Cards

Discussion cards that will help young people focus on all the essential issues surrounding friendship

$28.99, Paperback

A frank & thoughtful analysis of friendships, explores what it means to have friends or be a friend – even a friend to oneself.

games and activities for exploring feelings with children
Games and Activities for Exploring Feelings with Children
$37.99, Paperback

A fun, imaginative and creative resource designed to help children aged 7–13 get thinking and talking about their feelings and the issues that affect their lives.

getting from me to we
Getting from Me to We
$48.95 Our Price - $39.95 Paperback

Helps you give kids the foundational skills necessary to form connections and friendships with other children.

growing yourself up, 2ed
Growing Yourself Up, 2ed
$34.99, Paperback

This bestseller helps you understand yourself by understanding your relationships.

how do i...make friends?
How do I...Make Friends?
$56.95, Game

This card game helps with discussion & reflection, practice in saying the right words & gives a forum to consider friendship skills.

how to be a friend
How to Be a Friend
$16.95, Paperback

From the creators of the Dino Life Guides, this book uses precise language & humorous illustrations to offer specific ways to be a friend

how to make friends
How to Make Friends
$86.00, Paperback (inc CD)

Based on the author’s practical experience of running the programme in schools this book is underpinned by research into the development of pro-social behaviour and friendship skills.

it's so much work to be your friend dvd
It's So Much Work To Be Your Friend DVD
$129.00, DVD

Drawing on current research and thirty years of experience in residential schools, Richard Lavoie provides powerful strategies for teaching friendship skills in the classroom, on the homefront, and in the community.

it's so much work to be your friend dvd
It's So Much Work To Be Your Friend DVD
$129.00, DVD

Drawing on current research and thirty years of experience in residential schools, Richard Lavoie provides powerful strategies for teaching friendship skills in the classroom, on the homefront, and in the community.

learning about friendship
Learning About Friendship
$29.99, Paperback

Ten fully illustrated stories explore friendship issues encountered by children with ASD aged 4-8 and looks at how they can be overcome successfully. From the author of the bestselling The Red Beast.

making & keeping friends
Making & Keeping Friends
$39.95, Softcover

This unique program helps counsellors teach students how to make and keep friends as they learn about themselves, others, and the nature of friendships.

making choices and making friends
Making Choices and Making Friends
$14.95, Paperback

Kids learn how to build the 5 Social Competencies Assets: planning & decision making, interpersonal competence, cultural competence, resistance skills, & peaceful conflict resolution.

making friends is an art!
Making Friends is an Art!
$19.99, Paperback

Put a smile on the face of a child who feels left out or lonely. Use this story to open discussion on friendship, empathy & self-esteem.

mind reading
Mind Reading
$25.99, Paperback

A therapeutic story with coping strategies, about feelings of social isolation & unhelpful thinking habits linked to friendship difficulties.

my friend isabelle
My Friend Isabelle
$27.95 Our Price - $24.95 Hardback

Isabelle and Charlie are friends. They are also different from each other. Isabelle has Down syndrome. Charlie doesn't.

promoting friendship, emotional & social skills
Promoting Friendship, Emotional & Social Skills
$87.50, Softcover (inc CD)

An innovative resource to help young children develop emotional & friendship skills

real friends vs. the other kind
Real Friends vs. the Other Kind
$17.95 Our Price - $12.95 Paperback

Insider info on making friends, resolving disputes & dealing with common issues like gossip, exclusion & cyberbullying.

relationship skills 101 for teens
Relationship Skills 101 for Teens
$33.95, Paperback

Offers powerful tools based in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to help regulate emotions enabling better relationships with parents, friends and peers.

rhino neil
Rhino Neil
$24.99, Hardback

All the animals in the zoo are warned to stay away from huge Rhino Neil. He is a very lonely rhino until one day Tuscany the elephant arrives.

the science of making friends
The Science of Making Friends
$38.95, Paperback (inc DVD)

This book offers a step-by-step guide to making and keeping friends for teens and young adults with social challenges.

the shyness and social anxiety workbook for teens
The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook for Teens
$33.95, Paperback

The worksheets and exercises in this book will help teens learn to handle awkward social situations with grace and confidence.

since we're friends
Since We're Friends
$22.99, Hardback

A boy describes his friendship with Matt, whose autism spectrum disorder causes him to behave strangely at times, and how he make things easier for Matt at school and in their neighbourhood.

social language training adolescent
Social Language Training Adolescent
$88.00, Softcover

Help your teens with language impairment (LI), Asperger's Syndrome, and high-functioning autism learn to make and sustain friendships.

the social success workbook for teens
The Social Success Workbook for Teens
$29.95, Paperback

Making friends is a skill like any other: there are rules to follow, ways to measure your progress and reasons why some people do better.

the survival guide for making and being friends
The Survival Guide for Making and Being Friends
$25.95 Our Price - $24.95 Paperback

Help kids improve their social skills so they can better enjoy the benefits of friendship with this accessible life-skills handbook

talkabout for children 3
Talkabout for Children 3
$83.99 Our Price - $79.99 Spiral Bound (inc CD)

Designed specifically for young children or children with special needs, this practical resource is packed with activities and games for developing friendship skills.

talkabout for teenagers, 2nd edition
Talkabout for Teenagers, 2nd Edition
$83.98, Spiral Bound

A complete groupwork resource offering a hierarchical approach to teaching social and relationship skills to teenagers.

tools for life in a jar
Tools for Life in a Jar
$17.95, Jar

Short but substantial ideas for getting along with others.

understanding girl's friendships, fights and fueds
Understanding Girl's Friendships, Fights and Fueds
$54.95, Paperback

Provides an in-depth understanding of girls' bullying, exploring the mechanisms and language that girls use to entice some into their groups and exclude others.