Visual Supports

cartoon and script curriculum for teaching social behavior and communication
Cartoon and Script Curriculum for Teaching Social Behavior and Communication
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Help children with ASD find friends, become better communicators, increase their flexibility & lead lives that are less stressful

solving behavior problems in autism
Solving Behavior Problems in Autism
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Packed with lots of samples & examples of visual tools that have worked for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and also with many other students with moderate to severe communication or behaviour challenges.

visual support for children with autism spectrum disorders
Visual Support for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
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This book lays the foundation for how to structure teaching environments and offers countless examples of activities for students, ranging from basic skills, to reading and math, to social behaviour.

visual supports for people with autism 2nd ed
Visual Supports for People with Autism 2nd Ed

Shows teachers, parents & service providers how to make low-tech visual supports, & strategies for using them.

visual supports for visual thinkers
Visual Supports for Visual Thinkers

This book is packed with simple, effective tools to assist in the education of students with special education needs.