Play, Drama, Music

the autism playbook for teens
The Autism Playbook for Teens

This is the only book available for teens with autism that specifically integrates mindfulness skills and imaginative scripted role-playing activities for building authentic social experiences.

dramatherapy and autism
Dramatherapy and Autism

Shows how dramatherapy can be life enhancing for those on the autism spectrum, with extensive examples from practice.

early childhood music therapy and autism spectrum disorder
Early Childhood Music Therapy and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Offers a comprehensive understanding of music therapy services for young children with ASD & families

interactive play for children with autism
Interactive Play for Children with Autism

Invaluable resource for implementing strategies to develop interactive play in school, care settings & family home

play better games
Play Better Games
$94.99 Our Price - $79.95

This book will help practitioners and parents to think about what might prohibit their children from joining in with games and plan effective strategies for support

special games
Special Games

Suitable for all ages and abilities this book contains a wide variety of games that may be played in many different settings.

teach me with pictures
Teach Me With Pictures

Fun & practical ideas to help motivate and extend communication and play skills in children with autism with the support of pictures