Sexuality | Relationships

asperger's syndrome and sexuality from adolescence through adulthood
Asperger's Syndrome and Sexuality from Adolescence through Adulthood

Practical information & advice on issues ranging from puberty & sexual development, gender identity disorders, etc

autism spectrum guide to sexuality and relationships
Autism Spectrum Guide to Sexuality and Relationships
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This candid guide to sexuality, relationships and gender identity will help you in the pursuit of platonic, romantic or sexual relationships.

more secret girls' business
More Secret Girls' Business

more detailed information about puberty for older girls - physical, social-emotional changes, personal hygiene & period management.

puberty and special girls
Puberty and Special Girls

A beautifully presented book providing practical information about the physical & emotional changes experienced by girls during puberty

secret boys' business, 2ed
Secret Boys' Business, 2ed

comprehensive information about the physical, social and emotional changes to assist pubescent boys feel comfortable and confident

the secret business of relationships, love and sex
The Secret Business of Relationships, Love and Sex

Prepare teens sensitively & openly for the physical, emotional & social aspects of their emerging sexuality

secret girls' business
Secret Girls' Business

a gentle introduction to puberty for girls experiencing early periods: it includes physical changes and period management.

special boys' business
Special Boys' Business

Provides practical information about growing up. It will help boys understand the changes they will experience at puberty.

special girls' business
Special Girls' Business

takes a girl and her carer step by step through the process of managing periods

things tom likes
Things Tom Likes

This accessible and positive resource helps parents and carers teach boys with autism or other special needs about masturbation.

what's happening to tom?
What's Happening to Tom?

This simple resource helps parents and carers teach boys with autism or other special needs about puberty.