Welcome to the new Autism SA Bookshop

Autism SA has launched a new book shop with a carefully chosen selection of books to support those with autism. The Book Shop focuses on offering practical resources for families, classroom teachers, and those that support individuals on the autism spectrum.

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processing auditory directions

Processing Auditory Directions

$62.95, Spiral Bound

Use the activities in this book to build listening skills and basic concepts as children process auditory directions.

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the autistic brain

The Autistic Brain

$29.99, Paperback

Offers the latest research and science on autism, including new neuroimaging and genetic research that provide new theories on what causes autism spectrum disorders as well as new ways to treat and diagnose them.

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understanding autism

Understanding Autism

$19.99, Paperback

Australian experts cover causes of autism, how it manifests at various stages of childhood, & coping with common problematic behaviour

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the 5-point scale and anxiety curve poster

The 5-Point Scale and Anxiety Curve Poster

$59.95 Our Price - $58.95, Poster

Full-color, dual-sided, erasable poster is the perfect visual support to accompany the best selling "The Incredible 5-Point Scale.

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