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mindful moments meditation activity cards

Mindful Moments Meditation Activity Cards

$29.95, Cards

Simple meditation 50 card deck on how to de-stress and focus your mind.

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challenging mindset

Challenging Mindset

$64.50 Our Price - $59.95, Softcover

Lesson ideas for teaching students about mindset - create the right conditions for a growth mindset to flourish in your classroom.

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look hear!

Look Hear!

$57.00 Our Price - $29.95, Cards

Can you match the sounds and images of brushing your teeth, sneezing, or even toast popping up from the toaster? This pack includes 35 familiar sounds (on CD), each of which is clearly depicted on a photo card.

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how to increase the potential of students with dcd (dyspraxia) in secondary school

How To Increase the Potential of Students with DCD (Dyspraxia) in Secondary School

$31.00 Our Price - $28.95, Softcover

This highly accessible book shows how DCD (dyspraxia) may affect secondary students & offers a wide range of practical strategies.

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