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phonological awareness double dice

Phonological Awareness Double Dice

$33.50 Our Price - $32.95, Cards

Work on - Rhyme, Syllables, Phoneme Identification, Phoneme Segmentation, Phoneme Blending, Phoneme Addition & Phoneme Manipulation.

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the way i see it

The Way I See It

$45.99 Our Price - $29.70, Paperback

Revised and expanded edition of the bestseller - gets into the real issues of Autism that parents, teachers and those on the spectrum face everyday.

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find out files - my sibling

Find Out Files - My Sibling

$22.99, Paperback

Covers jealousy, fairness, sharing, parent-relationship, and tons more and helps kids find a common ground with their siblings

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quick artic practice photo cards

Quick Artic Practice Photo Cards

$41.95 Our Price - $39.95, Cards

This collection targets 18 common sounds: k, g, f, ch, sh, th, l, l-clusters, s, s-clusters, r, r-clusters, ar, or, ire, air, ear, and er.

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