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Silvereye is the best place to find resources to help those with learning difficulties, special needs or emotional and behavioural challenges. For over 25 years, teachers, speech pathologists, counsellors, behaviour specialists, occupational therapists, and parents have relied on Silvereye's carefully curated and unmatched range.

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fluency flips

Fluency Flips

$118.00 Our Price - $84.95, Ring Bound

Keep stuttering therapy moving with less prep time and fewer materials! Teach students strategies for smooth speech—plus online audio samples of the author.

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very special maths

Very Special Maths

$50.99, Paperback

Explores the curriculum required to accommodate the various difficulties faced by children with severe & profound learning difficulties.

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creative cbt interventions for children with anxiety

Creative CBT Interventions for Children with Anxiety

$37.95, Softcover

Innovative games, art activities & stories to address the key treatment components for anxious children

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the essential guide to positive psychology with young people

The Essential Guide to Positive Psychology with Young People

$39.95, Paperback

Help young people to recognise their strengths and use these to build confidence for the future.

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