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Silvereye is the best place to find resources to help those with learning difficulties, special needs or emotional and behavioural challenges. For over 25 years, teachers, speech pathologists, counsellors, behaviour specialists, occupational therapists, and parents have relied on Silvereye's carefully curated and unmatched range.

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multiple auditory processing assessment (mapa–2)

Multiple Auditory Processing Assessment (MAPA–2)

$399.95, Kit

Comprehensive assessment of auditory processing & listening skills for screening or preliminary diagnosis

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vocabulary assessment to support instruction

Vocabulary Assessment to Support Instruction

$57.99, Paperback

A fresh perspective on word learning with powerful, precise assessment strategies.

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the whole-brain child workbook

The Whole-Brain Child Workbook

$47.95, Paperback

This interactive workbook gets readers to think deeply about their parenting approach & develop practical ways to implement the concepts

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how are you feeling today?

How Are You Feeling Today?

$16.99, Hardback

Children choose a feeling they relate to & turn to the page for child-friendly strategies for dealing with that feeling.

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