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hey goose, what's your excuse

Hey Goose, What's Your Excuse

$19.99, Paperback

A beautifully illustrated story book to encourage children to overcome fear and anxiety.

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understanding double negatives fun deck

Understanding Double Negatives Fun Deck

$24.95, Cards

Each card has a sentence with a double negative word and the correct word "Eve isn't hiding behind (no/any) trees". Students choose the correct word.

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autistic disorder intervention manual

Autistic Disorder Intervention Manual

$123.00 Our Price - $114.95, Softcover

Includes IEP goals, objectives and interventions for all 126 items on the Autistic Disorder Evaluation Scale, School Version.

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asperger's disorder intervention manual

Asperger's Disorder Intervention Manual

$111.75 Our Price - $104.95, Softcover

Select IEP goals, objectives and interventions based upon the identified characteristics of Asperger's Syndrome.

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