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Silvereye is the best place to find resources to help those with learning difficulties, special needs or emotional and behavioural challenges. For over 25 years, teachers, speech pathologists, counsellors, behaviour specialists, occupational therapists, and parents have relied on Silvereye's carefully curated and unmatched range.

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pip and tim stage 5

Pip and Tim Stage 5

$39.00, Paperback

beautifully illustrated Little Learner books enable children to read using their new knowledge of letters and sounds to decode text

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understanding and supporting children with literacy difficulties

Understanding and Supporting Children with Literacy Difficulties

$44.99, Paperback

For professionals wanting a deeper understanding of current thinking around dyslexia, reading comprehension difficulties, and related SpLDs

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relationship, responsibility, and regulation

Relationship, Responsibility, And Regulation

$49.95, Paperback

Use the 3 new Rs of education to build a positive learning environment

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your interests, my interests

Your Interests, My Interests

$44.99, Hardback

Help children learn how to establish common interests with friends, classmates & family, and use this knowledge to improve play skills.

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