Feeling Jealous!
32 pages
Age Range: 5 to 9
Level: 2nd Grade Readability
ISBN: 9781631982521

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Feeling Jealous!

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Kay Barnham, Mike Gordon

Lucy is very good at helping those around her. She helps one friend feel less jealous of a sibling’s later bedtime, and shows another how to deal with jealousy of a classmate who has the latest toy. Then comes Lucy’s turn to feel jealous. Will she remember her own advice about overcoming jealousy?

Young children face many strong feelings, some of which can be difficult to handle. This series uses humor and compassion to show children how to help others—and themselves—feel better when dealing with challenging emotions. Lively art illustrates the stories with charm and energy. At the end of the book, a special section for adults presents ideas for helping children deal with feelings in healthy ways, as well as a list of recommended books for further reading. Also available is a free downloadable leader’s guide for the series with additional information, discussion questions, and activities.