Can I Tell You about Sensory Processing Difficulties?
56 pages
Age Range: 7 to 12
ISBN: 9781849056403


Can I Tell You about Sensory Processing Difficulties?: A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals

$19.99, Paperback
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Sue Allen, Mike Medaglia

Meet Harry - a young boy with sensory processing difficulties. Harry invites readers to learn about why he finds it hard to process sensory information effectively, and how even simple thing such as washing, dressing and coping with meal times can be challenging for him. He also talks about difficulties he faces at school and why large groups and loud noises are especially hard. He explains how other people can have different sensory processing issues and talks about what he and those around him can do to help.

This illustrated book is ideally suited for readers aged 7 and upwards and occupational therapists, teachers, parents, family members and friends of those with sensory processing difficulties.