Differentiating Content for Gifted Learners in Grades 6-12

ISBN: 9781575421889

Differentiating Content for Gifted Learners in Grades 6-12: A CD-ROM of Customizable Extensions Menus and Study Guides

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Susan Winebrenner

Teachers familiar with Susan Winebrenner's learning materials for gifted students want more. More extensions menus, more study guides, more expert direction from Susan on how to differentiate instruction across a broad range of academic topics:

  • literature
  • writing
  • history
  • social studies
  • maths
  • science
  • health
  • foreign languages
  • technology.

This stand-alone CD-ROM includes more than 140 reproducible forms and templates, plus detailed explanations on how to differentiate content for gifted and high-ability learners in secondary settings: an increasingly pressing issue as teachers face increasingly diverse classrooms. Unique, timely, and ready to use, it's a must-have tool for today's challenging classroom.