Sensory Diet Combo
76 pages
Age Range: 3+

Sensory Diet Combo: Cards, Game and Fun Sheets Book

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Ann Stensaas, Tara Calder

Reduce the weight felt by children suffering from sensory overload. The Sensory Diet Combo can help children stay calm, focused, and organised throughout the day. This set contains:

  • Sensory Diet Cards
  • Sensory Diet Game
  • Sensory Diet Fun Sheets

Perfect for therapists treating sensory processing and modulation problems in children. Targets five sensory categories:

  • Movement and Balance (Vestibular)
  • Movement and Resistance (Proprioception)
  • Oral-Motor
  • Tactile
  • Visual, Auditory, and Olfactory.

Teach kids how to manage their arousal level to help them navigate a daily routine. Improve focus, concentration, co-ordination, and organisation by making children active participants in the activities included in this book. Theyll love developing skills that help them feel "just right."



Sensory Diet Combo
Cards, Game and Fun Sheets Book
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Sensory Diet Cards
CardsSample Pages$44.95Add to Cart
Sensory Diet Fun Sheets
A Companion Book to the Sensory Diet Cards
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