REWARDS Secondary, 3ed

Age Range: 11 to 18
ISBN: 9781593186838

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REWARDS Secondary, 3ed: Classroom Set for 20 Students

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Anita L Archer, Mary M Gleason, Vicky Vachon

REWARDS Multisyllabic Word Reading: Secondary is an explicitly taught, research-validated reading intervention program. It incorporates a highly generalizable and effective strategy for decoding multisyllabic words frequently found in content-area texts. Daily 50- or 60-minute lessons increase oral and silent reading rates (fluency), expand students’ knowledge of general academic and domain-specific vocabulary, and build students' confidence in their reading ability.

REWARDS is recommended for struggling students in grades 6-12 who read at or above a 2.5 grade level and have difficulty reading multisyllabic words. REWARDS is an intense, short-duration intervention program that uses teacher-directed instruction, requires minimal teacher training, and aligns with components of scientifically based reading research. It explicitly teaches decoding and fluency with an integrated, flexible approach which will increase reading fluency, particularly in content-area passages. By implementing REWARDS, educators will help struggling readers:

  • break words containing two to eight parts into manageable, decodable "chunks"
  • accurately read more multisyllabic words in sentences and content-area textbooks
  • read content-area passages accurately and fluently
  • enhance oral and silent reading fluency
  • improve comprehension as accuracy and fluency increase
  • gain greater confidence in their reading ability

Research studies have shown that students in REWARDS, including English language learners, make significant gains in fluency and in decoding multisyllabic words. Studies have been conducted in a wide variety of settings, including general education classrooms and small-group interventions.

REWARDS Secondary contains 20 teacher-directed lessons that will benefit students who have mastered the basic reading skills but who are not accurate or fluent oral readers in grade-level materials. The REWARDS Secondary Classroom Set includes:

  • Teacher's Guide and Poster Set
  • Student Books (set of 20)


REWARDS Secondary, 3ed
Classroom Set for 20 Students
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REWARDS Secondary Teachers Guide 3ed
Teacher's Guide and Poster Set (2 posters)
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REWARDS Secondary, 3ed
Classroom Set for 20 Students
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REWARDS Secondary, 3ed
Student Books (set of 10, with VPORT online data-management for 10 students)
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REWARDS Secondary, 3ed
Student Book (with VPORT online data-management for one student)
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