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Winter Sale
Thursday 25th June 2015

Winter Sale - up to 50% off a range of popular resources. But these prices won't last so you'd better be quick!
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ADHD is not always what it seems
Tuesday 23rd June 2015

A recent study suggests that a significant proportion of kids diagnosed with ADHD may actually have an undetected foetal alcohol spectrum disorder. This may mean that they are receiving the wrong therapies and supports.
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What Doesn't Work in Education
Wednesday 17th June 2015

John Hattie's latest paper shows again that reducing class size or choosing a private school have a relatively small effect on outcomes and that these are dwarfed by the impact of teacher variability within schools.
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SPELD Professional Development Workshop in Newcastle
Tuesday 9th June 2015

This Friday, SPELD NSW are holding a professional development workshop in Newcastle and Silvereye will have a resource display there. So come along if you can.
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